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Proxy Anonimous October 2013

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How to register BidVertiser Publisher

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How to List Bidvertiser PPC will I alluded to a little bit here because some people have had a profound curiosity high when shown Recent Bidvertiser Payment Proof that notabennya mantab Google Adsense Publisher who is getting banned and of course despair.

Source of income not just from Google Adsense sob, not that desperate for immediate adsense banned but try to rise although it felt a bit sick in campahkan by Google Adsense.Yang still interested in becoming Publisher of Bidvertiser PPC please follow the guidelines below:

  • First Please Register as publisher [Click Here To Register].
  • Bidvertiser will then open the page, then click the join free 
Cara Mendaftar Jadi Publisher Bidvertiser 
  • Next you will be redirected to the registration form and please use appropriate filling.
 Please fill the appropriate form instructions like:

  1.      First Name: First name you
  2.      Last Name: Last name you
  3.      Phone: no phone or your mobile phone starting with the country code, eg (+62 .........)
  4.      Email Address: Enter your email address, valid or active
  5.      Choose your User Name: Enter your username or login name of the desired minimum of 6 karater
  6.      Choose your password: enter the password, at least 6 characters
  7.      Confirm Password: password refill again same as above
  8.      Then click the "Get Activation Code" and then check your email and copy and paste the code given in the column that is already available.
  9.      Then Checklist all:

I agree to BidVertiser's Terms of Service
I will not click on my own ads BidVertiser.
I will not ask or Encourage others to click on my ads BidVertiser.
I will not place the BidVertiser ads on sites that include pornographic content.

  • And Click Continue.

For quite a while until here before about How to Apply Bidvertiser PPC, waiting for the continuation of the story How to Get Ad Code in Bidvertiser in another post.

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The first story of the Prophet

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The first story of the ProphetPROPHET ADAM STORY AS
After God s.w.t. created the earth with mountains, oceans and sea-grown vegetation, creating sky with sun, moon and the stars which shine creates a kind of angels are spirits created to serve a mediator between the substance of the Almighty with servants especially the apostles and the prophets then came the will of Allah swt to create another kind of creature that would inhabit and populate the earth keep enjoying growing its growth, managing the wealth buried in them and breed-hereditary heir inherits all the time that has been destined for him.
Concerns Angels.
The angels when told by Allah swt His will created another creature, they no thought in case God created other creatures that caused kecuaian or their negligence in worship and perform tasks or because their offenses unnoticed. Allah said to them: "O our Lord! Why would God create a creature other than us, but we always hymn, bertahmid, to worship and glorify thy name ceaselessly, being a creature of God will be created and sent down to earth , nescaya will fight each other, kill each other-killing scrambling to master the richness seen on it and buried in it, so it will pass the damage and destruction on the earth that God created. "
Allah says, eliminating the concern of the angels: "I know what you do not know and I'm the one who knows the wisdom of the Children of Adam mastery over the earth Ku.Bila I've created and breathed his spirits, ye prostrate before the new creature as a tribute and not as a prostration of worship, because Allah forbid His slaves to worship Him fellow creatures. " Then Adam was created by God swtdari lump of clay, black mud dry and refined shape berbentuk.Setelah ditiupkanlah spirit of God's creation into it and stand it upright into a perfect human being

The first story of the Prophet Satan rebelled.
Satan rebelled and was reluctant to obey God's commandments as the other angels, who immediately prostrate before Adam as a tribute to God's creatures to be given the mandate to rule the earth with all that lives and grows on it and buried in it. Satan feels himself more noble, l primary ore and more glorious than Adam, because he was created from the elements of fire, while Adam from dirt and lumpur.Kebanggaannya with origins makes him arrogant and feel inferior to bow to honor Adam as the other angels, although ruled by God.
The Lord said to Satan: "What's stopping you prostrating to respect something that I created with my hands?" He said: "I was more noble and superior dia.Engkau created me from fire and created him from mud." Because of pride, arrogance and defiance commanded prostration, then Allah punish Satan cast out of heaven and expelled from the ranks of angels, accompanied by a curse and a curse to be attached to him until the day kiamat.Di addition he stated as the Fire.
Proudly Satan welcomes the judgment of God and he just begged him given the chance to live forever until the day of resurrection back in the day. God ditangguhkanlah petition and pass it until the day of resurrection, not grateful and thankful for the guarantee that, on the contrary, he threatened to mislead Adam, as for his expulsion from heaven and the issuance of the ranks of angels, and the children would come to the offspring from all angles to persuade them to leave the straight and with him taking the wrong path, and getting them to do immoral things that are forbidden, tempting them to neglect the religious commandments and persuade them to not be grateful and pious charity.
Then God said to Satan, the accursed: "Go thou with followers-followers that everything would be the content of Hell and fuel of hell. Thou wilt not powerless mislead my servants who have believed in me with all her heart and had a steady aqeedah that will not be shaken by your line even if you using all kepandaianmu incite and slander. "

Adam Knowledge About Objects Names.
God wants to eliminate the low perception of angels to Adam and convince them of the truth of his wisdom appointed Adam as ruler of the earth, then diajarkanlah unto Adam the names of the objects that are in the universe, then diperagakanlah the objects in front of the angels said,: " just try out for the mention of my name objects, if you really feel better to know and understand more than Adam. " The angels of God was powerless to meet defiance to mention the names of the objects that are in front of them.They admitted their inability to say, "Thou Almighty! Actually we have no knowledge of anything except what God's invitation to us. Surely You the All-Knowing, All-Wise. "
Adam and commanded by God to tell the names to the angels and having been informed by Adam, God said to them: "Did I not tell you that free Rahsia I know the heavens and the earth and knows what you reveal and what you hide. '
Adam Inhabiting Heaven.
Adam was given the place of God in heaven and Eve were created to accompany him and became his friend, relieve loneliness and complete disposition for the purposes of developing offspring. According to the story ulamat God created Eve from one of Adam's ribs on the left at a time when he was still sleeping so that when he woke up, he saw Eve was on her side. he was asked by an angel: "O Adam! What and who are creatures that are on your side?"
Adam said: "A woman." In accordance with the nature of which has been inspired by God to him. "What's his name?" Asked the angel again. "Eve," Adam replied. "Why God created this creature?", Asked the angel again. Adam replied: "For with me, to give happiness to me and fill my life purposes in accordance with the will of God."
God commanded to Adam: "Abide thou with thy wife in heaven, taste the pleasures that abound therein, Taste and eat fruits LaZat therein nasfumu.Kamu your heart's content at will and will not suffer or feel hungry, thirsty or tired As long as you are in dalamnya.Akan but I warn do not eat fruit from the tree that will cause you harm and including those that free zalim.Ketahuilah Satan is your enemy and the enemy of your wife, she will try to persuade you, and drag you out of heaven so goes the happiness that you are this delicious. "
In accordance with the threats uttered when expelled by God from Heaven due bangkangannya and also driven by jealousy and envy against Adam is the cause until he was cursed and damned forever eliminated from Singgahsana greatness. Satan began to show his lies designed to Adam and Eve who are living together in a peaceful heaven, peaceful and happy. He told them that free he was their friend and would like to give advice and guidance to the good and happiness perpetuate mereka.Segala ways and fine words used by the devil to gain the trust of Adam and Eve that free he is really honest in advice and guidance to them . He whispered to them bahwa.larangan God told them to eat fruits as it is designated by eating it they will be transformed into an angel and will live kekal.Diulang-repeat pujukannya the show will smell the fragrance of a beautiful forbidden tree fruit shape and LaZat rasanya.Sehingga ultimately that delicate termakanlah pujukan by Adam and Eve and God dilanggarlah ban.
God denounce their actions and said that meant: "Did I not prevent you approach the tree and eat of the fruit and I would not have to remind you that free devil is the real enemy." Adam and Eve heard the word of God is he that free Awake they have violated God's commandments and that free they had made a mistake and sin besar.Seraya sorry they said: "O our Lord! We have wronged ourselves and have broken your commandments because of a pujukan devil. Forgive us our sins as we would belong nescaya those losses if you do not forgive and love us. "
Adam and Eve Descended Into Earth.
Allah accepted Adam and Eve repent and forgive the act violations that they have done things which have relieved their chest pain and sadness caused by the negligence of the Lord's warning that Satan fall prey rayuannya pujukan and sweet but berancun it. Adam and Eve was comforted after receiving God's forgiveness and will keep not to be deceived again by Satan and will be trying to breach that has been made and the cause of God's wrath and rebuke it be teaching for them both to be more careful face trickery and pujukan Satan the accursed it. Hope to stay on in heaven has faded because of what God commands violation, live again in the hearts and minds of Adam and Eve who feel pleasure and happiness in heaven they will not be distracted by something and that free redha God and will remain abundant blessings upon them for forever. But God has set in His destiny is not what comes to your heart and not terfikirkan by them. Swtyang God has determined in his destiny that free earth filled with wealth to managed, will be controlled by the human descendants of Adam commanded Adam and Eve down to earth as the first seed of his servants named man. And God said to them: "Get thee down to earth than most of you an enemy to another, you can stay still and live there until the appointed time."
Adam and Eve descended to earth to face a new way of life that is much different from life in heaven has ever experienced and that will not be repeated again. They have to live in this mortal world with love and sorrow and will reduce humanity's diverse nature and temperament of different skin colors and otaknya.Umat human intelligence will be in groups of tribes and nations where one an enemy of the other mutual-kill-kill persecuted and oppressed-oppressive menganianya so from time to time God sent His prophets and messengers of His servants led him to the straight path peaceful affection between human beings redha road that leads to Him and human happiness in this world and the hereafter.
The story of Adam in the Al-Quran.
Al_Quran tells the story of Adam in some of them surah surah Al_Baqarah verse 30 that paragraph 38 and paragraph 11 of that sura Al_A'raaf 25

Teaching That Some Of Acts Adam.
Bahawasanya wisdom contained in these commands and prohibitions of Allah and in the creation of what is sometimes not or can not be achieved by the human brain even by his closest creatures as have been experienced by the angels when told that free will God created man - descendants of Adam to be a caliph in the earth so that they seemed to mind and wonder why and for what kind of creatures God created other than those who are obedient diligent worship, glorify, bertahmid and glorify His name.
Bahawasanya man although he has dikurniakan kecergasan fizikal and thinking and mental strength he still has some weakness on her like nature of negligence, forgetfulness and khilaf.Hal which has happened to Adam that although he has been a perfect man and a privileged position dikurniakan heaven he still was not devoid of human nature Weak itu.Ia been forgotten and neglected God's warning him of the forbidden tree and the devil who is his enemy and the enemy of all his descendants, so caught up in the intrigue and pass first offense committed by humans the prohibitions of Allah.
Bahawasanya someone who has already done vice and sin he should not despair of the mercy and forgiveness of God as long as he was conscious of his guilt and repented not going to do it kembali.Rahmat maghfirah his gods and can include all the sins done by his servant unless shirk no matter how big it is as long as sin followed by repentance and confession consciousness errors. The nature arrogant and conceited always carry due to losses and kebinasaan.Lihatlah Devil singgahsananya dilucutkan down from his position as an angel and was expelled by God from heaven, accompanied by curses and damnation that will be attached to him until the Day of Judgment for his arrogance and kebanggaaannya with its origin so he thought, and looked down to Prophet Adam and refused to bow down honor even commanded by God Almighty.

3 Most Beautiful sunrise mountain Indonesia

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For those of you who like to climb the mountain, the first thing you do not want to miss is when the appearance of the morning sun coming out of the contest on the eastern horizon. Do you interesting? Go up to the mountain with a view of sunrise 3 amazing in Indonesia. These three mountains with breathtaking sunrise coolest in Indonesia:

 1. Semeru Mountain


One of the mountains which presents the most gorgeous sunrise is Mount Semeru in East Java. This is one of the favorite mountain climbers. Their favorite place is Ranu Kumbolo and of course Mahameru, the peak of Mount Semeru. Mount Semeru is presenting stunning natural scenery. Throughout the eye can see, you will be presented with trees and green grass. But there was a moment not to be missed every climbers when climbing the highest mountain in the land of Java. The moment it is looking pretty sun out of the contest in the morning. One of the best places will be presenting the beauty of the sunrise is Ranu Kumbolo. Ranu Kumbolo Semeru is a lake, surrounded by green trees. Imagine, behind the lush green trees, it appears reddish yellow light emerging slowly. More beautiful, golden color is reflected off the surface of the lake water. Perfect! Oh yeah, do not forget to set your camera to capture the moment in the camera shots.

     2. Bromo Mountain 

Who does not know of Mount Bromo? Mountain in East Java was once famous for its beautiful sunrisenya. In fact, many people said to Bromo is not complete if you do not see the sunrise. Although today Mount Bromo volcano still active, not a traveler who flocked there in the morning. Their goal is only one, that watching the sunrise from one of the best places in Indonesia. If interested, you can come directly to Bromo in since dawn. Tourists can come to the Pananjakan. This is where a lot of tourists watch a beautiful sunrise. Leave early morning at 03.00 am, do not forget to wear thick clothes because it was so biting cold. Then prepare watched the sun slowly emerged from behind the clouds. First a small red light appeared from the eastern horizon. Then, the light slowly enlarge and eventually form a complete circle and enlighten. Just like a painting, the beauty is so mesmerizing sunrise every eye that sees.

3. Kelimutu Mountain


When talking about Kelimutu, surely the first thing on your mind is Kelimutu Crater Lake or. Yes, it can not be denied that the mountain has three crater gorgeous colors. Uniquely, the craters on the mountain has different colors and can change. But despite it all, Mount Kelimutu in Ende, NTT also has a view of the sunrise was so beautiful. First of all, tourists can come to the National Park Kelimutu morning around 03.00 pm. No need to fear about transportation, because almost every inn in Ende provide shuttle service to TNGK for tourists. Then after arriving, you can simply climb a mountain with an elevation of 1690 meters above sea level is. Kelimutu already have a well-maintained hiking tracks, so the traveler can climb in peace without fear of lost or dropped. Once arrived at the top, you are immediately confronted with the beauty of the crater with the three colors. Then try to look to the sky. Exhausted hikers will immediately pay off when he saw there was a light reddish slowly out from behind the clouds. This is the best moment in Top Flores, which captures the elegance of sunrise. From the crater three colors, enjoy the rare sight that you can not see elsewhere.

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